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Ron One Person Band


Ron Plachno One Person Band Music

Even though I have two professional quality keyboards, I often compose using a midi keyboard
controller using this 49 key model.  Fast and easier .... less complexity.
And yes, there is often a coffee or soft drink on the table.

Top layer going around starting in front and going clockwise -
Sony Multi Channel Recorder I am now using as a mixer.  An Alesis
sound effects unit is just under it mostly out of site, (green light) and a
stereo amplifier and speakers below that.  Continuing to its left and going
around the top, an SM58 microphone, the midi keyboard controller as
in the last shot, then to its right a new 16 channel multi channel audio
recorder for final audio, and the black box just in front of that is a Roland
SD 35 Sound Canvas that converts midi music commands into superb audio.

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