Written by Ron Plachno



I would recommend to anyone that they seek wisdom. The starting point on this journey I believe is becoming an independent thinker and having a completely open mind, and not allowing yourself to be simply controlled by what others say. "Only a dead fish swims with the flow" say some bright people. I believe this is what Einstein did. And then with our minds not blocked by any bias, information can then just flow right in. We then learn how to sort that information into real and not real by logic, valid history, and ethics, and other pieces we know to be true, working a puzzle. In doing so, it seems that Einstein thought of things that no one else had ever thought of. This makes sense to me since I believe that those who seek wisdom see an entirely different world, a much less confined world, than some people speak of in the media. How is it different? It is far more complex. You see, there are no groups that are all good or all bad as some people claim. There is not even a single person who is all good or all bad. We would know that simply by examining ourselves and realizing that we have good days we are proud of and days we would like to change. And therefore in this complex world, it now makes sense to respect others, and not to get into hate, name calling or false accusations. Not only are those things bad, they are a horrible waste of time and a horrible waste of a human life. Reach for the stars. And when you do, you might find, as some others have found, a very different interesting and exciting world than the world people most often talk about.

Ronald J. Plachno

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