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by Ron Plachno


Favorite Free Android Apps

Note that these are free ones, but some do ask that you give them money if you like what you see.

There are a good number of free android apps. In some cases I have compared with others. Here are some of my favorites:

eBook Reader = UB Reader - many eBook readers will modify the text a bit. Some make italics and bold go away. Some get rid of single blank lines. I find UB Reader seems to do the least damage. It is slightly narrow on the sides, but otherwise seems fine. It will also allow you to highlight words and phrases and also to do book marks. I even use it for fine editing (not gross editing) of my books to highlight and later to look at the highlights. (How to use? If you own books in epub format, just load them into your cell phone or pad, and then use this program to load them).

Guitar Tuner = Pitchlab Pro - This uses audio (of course) in the air waves, so there must be sound from your guitar. I just tried about 7 different so called tuners. This one was by far the best I have seen. It worked with both my acoustic guitar and my electric guitar with amp on. It is fast, meaning responsive. While it takes some learning, I found that fast. It stays on while you tune. Love it. I think it works better than some stand alone tuners I have bought.

Battery Saver = Android Assistant - I think son Ken told me of this one - Cleans off unused items to help you save battery life. I use it all of the time and just use its "Quick Boost" option. Saves on battery life on stuff you are done with. Note that pulling down from the android top (separate thing) can also allow you to shut off GPS and other battery killers when not in use.

Flashlight - Mine is just called "Flashlight" - works in the pinch in a dark place.

Earthquake Alert - hmmm same name, green with white wiggle - if you live in an earthquake zone, not a bad option. And yes, there are others

Local Movies = Flixster - seems you can set up to show your favorite nearby theaters and then you can go to them to see movies and start times.

Solitaire = Solitaire Free Pack, Tesseract Mobile (gold diamond) - some like spider. I like 3 card up solitaire when I need to kill time. I am up to 13% to over 15% win. If you are higher, keep it to yourself, ha ha :)

Ronald J. Plachno

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