wd My Cloud Setup

by Ron Plachno


WD (Western Digital) My Cloud Setup

Memory Storage Hard Drive that connects to your home router by Ethernet and allows usage by Ethernet, by Wifi and by Cellular

SETUP INFO - for My Cloud Western Digital 2 TB

via home router system, wi fi, and via cellular?

* Documents, standard files of most any type for computers
* Photos - worked well to my cell phone, wifi from the router. Can scan them one at a time and move to next one with your finger just like from the gallery.
* Videos - yes, works with my mp4 videos on cell phone and pad. I would believe it works with other mp4 items and other portable formats


Not online, so this is not a server or something easily reached via internet. It can be reached via Ethernet to router, wifi in your house, or cellular, but not internet connection -at least for most of us normal humans.


* SPEED: Not as fast on my computers as a direct setup. So I just use for files to be shared and not nightly backup
* CAREFUL: I suggest reading directions closely. I did not the first time, and did not notice that for setup, one must download software from Western Digital on the internet and then install and run it.
* MEMORY: If 2TB are not enough, some models will do far more, plus they also have an expansion port on them to plug in more USB normal memory
* SECURITY - Has some. Seems to ask for a name and a complex 8 digit minimum password during setup, but not later from same polling device (computer, cell phone, pad)
* OVERALL RATING - High, with installation being the most difficult. Some others complained it was set for DHCP, but so far no issues DHCP. I wanted to be able to map files to drive names which I did not find convenient to understand how, but I do now. Info below. Of course, with installation info below, if someone does similar to me, the info below may help.
* NOT CHECKED OUT YET - Auto updates



* Plug your "My Cloud" into power and then the Ethernet cable to an open router Ethernet connection
* Go to Western Digital Online and Download the Setup software
* Ensure that the My Cloud light in front has turned blue - takes a minute or more
* Click the setup software to install
* Best to write down info that it gives you such as the Mac Address and current IP address from your router, as well as serial number
* One former customer review suggested changing DHCP - dynamic IP changing to static and typing in the one you want. I left it DHCP and have not had issues yet

FILE SHARING / DRIVE LETTER - Computer on Same Router

* WINDOWS 10: Get to "Run" by pressing windows key and "r" at same time
* WINDOWS XP: From Windows Button, select "Run"
* Type in \\WdMyCloud
* Note Files come up
* Right click "Public" or whichever, and choose map to drive, I chose W (deep in alphabet letter that likely will not interfere with USB drives, and used it to stand for Western Digital).
* Note that drive letter assignments are by computer, and hence can be different for each computer.
* With Drive Letter Assigned Works and can move files with Ron's Filemanager2B (www.rpsoft2000.com in the Freeware section)

PORTABLE DEVICES, cell phones, pads

The method for all portable hand helds seems similar, and they say that it can work for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and pads. I did it on my android cell phone (Samsung Galaxy 5) and android pad (Samsung SM-T700). The "Drill"

* Download the WD My Cloud app from the ap store. I put in WD and found the application
* Install it, of course, and then run it
* Put in the same name and password as one of the ones, main or alternates that you did when setting up the WD My Cloud
* Select whether just home wifi or cellular service as well. I just chose wifi for the moment.
* Seems to also allow automatic backup of pictures or the like. I have not done that yet.


* Plug said USB expansion drive into the USB slot of My Cloud
* It immediately appeared on computer and cell phone - as a separate drive
* Set a drive letter for your computer, if you wish, same means as above. ("run", then "\\WDMyCloud", then right click the My Cloud item and set the drive. I set the expansion drive to "x" for expansion. It seemed to make sense.



* Note: I did this at first but then got rid of 4 drives and just setup the public drive as drive "W". I would only use this if the \\WDMyCloud thing does not work.
* Go to Western Digital and download WD Discovery
* Start the program
* Find WDMyCloud Network attached device on the left and select it
* On right, things to do, Map Network Shares
* I chose manual selection
* If I had only clicked on public, I might have only the one added drive I need. But I just said OK or whatnot and it loaded 4 drives, U,W,X,Y (I was using V for Valerie's computer)
* So it loaded 4 drives on my computer, but only U has something on it. I suspect it could use the other 3 drives for features I am not using yet
* Filemanager2b can now move files to the My Cloud


I found this odd for a time. In this I assume "other users" to be people getting to your My Cloud by cellular only, since setting up computers attached to the router is explained above.

* I think it is best to share the "Public" folder only, and not the other folders other than their own they will be given.
* In addition to the above, I would not think sharing the expansion drive attached to the USB of My Cloud since you might want to reserve that space for private transfers between you and other computers on the router.
* Using your main computer, begin the icon for "Wd My Cloud Dashboard"
* Go to the "Shares" icon clicking it that is above
* Go down each folder on the left, other than "Public" and set "Public access" to off and perhaps also "Media Access" to off. This will allow you to set it for each user with individual permissions - at least for public access.
* Ensure that you do the same thing to "Disk" or whatever your expanded attached USB drive to MY Cloud is called - set "Public Access" to off.
* Now, go to users and setup other users using their real email address as their name, but creating a unique password for each of them
* When the users are setup, now you can return to the "Shares" icon and below each folder you will see the option of turning on permission or turning off permission for each folder. Again I suggest only the Public folder for others, though each will also be given a folder with their own name in case perhaps they wish to send to you and only you
* Wait. It may take hours or even a day for this information, users and permissions to get to Western Digital such that a cellular user can get to it. If not setup yet, the users of course cannot use it.
* Of course computers that also tie by Ethernet to the same router can work immediately.
* When you seem certain that the users are setup, you can send them an email telling them how to find the ap on their phone and their name and password. For android cellular I went to Google Play for ap downloads and entered "WD" and then immediately saw a blue background below it with a white cloud that said ?My Cloud." - that was the item.

Ronald J. Plachno

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